After starting with single division on printing and packaging, now mastermind design and creation has eight divisions. From printing & packaging to outsourcing, mastermind design prevails everywhere. Our holiday’s division helps people to see beautiful location in our country and globally with their budget.
At a glance, all divisions of Mastermind Design & Creation Ltd.

  • Architect Idea: works for interior, exterior, building design and more.
  • Idea Communication: works for printing and packaging.
  • Idea Holidays: travel agency.
  • Idea Event: arrange and maintain events.
  • Idea Accessories: Provide all type accessories to garments industry.
  • Idea Furniture: manufacture, distribute office and home furniture.
  • Digital Idea: Works for digital marketing.
  • Clipping Expert Idea: image editing service.

We love to see dream, we works for dream. We believe dream can help a person to live.

Mastermind Design & Creation LTD


Mastermind is one of most renowned and fast growing company in Bangladesh. With the mission of spreading various sectors in Bangladesh, Mastermind design & creation ltd is founded by some of entrepreneur. Mr. Abdul Kader Jewel, Managing Director of Mastermind Design & Creation Ltd, works hard to bring his dream come true. After lot of efforts, now mastermind design established its reputation among our country. After successfully works in locally, we now works with globally. We established our office in Malaysia and now we are trying to establish our company in fast growing countries. Our team members are highly skilled and also dedicated. We are working as a team which goal is fulfills company and individual dream.
We are providing service like Architect idea, Idea Event, Idea communication, Idea Holidays, Idea Accessories, Idea creative.